MWC Police Shoot, Kill Man Who Took Toddler Hostage Inside Walmart

Monday, June 17th 2013, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

Midwest City Police shoot and kill a man who took a 2-year-old little girl hostage Monday. It happened just after 3:00 p.m. inside a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market full of afternoon shoppers.

At this point, police are calling it a random act of violence. Police say the suspect started counting down the 2-year-old's life at knife point.

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"I heard a lady start screaming, please help me, he's got my baby, he's got my baby, please help me," said witness, Donita Owens.

"He was really erratic, telling the daughters mother to call his attorney," said witness, Tony Humphrey.

A store full of shoppers witness a man's attempt to kill a 2-and a half year old little girl. Midwest City police say the man walked inside the Wal-Mart Neighborhood market at Reno and Midwest Blvd., took the toddler out of the shopping cart, and began cradling her in his arms in front of the mother.

"The mother began asking him, what he was doing, it wasn't making any sense what he was saying, he had a weapon in his hand, a knife up against the child, threatening the child's life," said Sid Porter, Assist. Chief of Police.

"He's basically saying things like, he wants to see his kids, he wants his kids too," said Owens. "He just wants to go home to see his family, he has nothing to live for, nothing to lose."

Within minutes, the store was evacuated and officers made contact with the man at the back of the store. For more than 30 minutes officers tried negotiating with him, but the suspect refused to put the little girl down, and instead, became more violent towards the child's life and began counting down.

"At that time, one of our officers had to use deadly force to stop the threat for this little child," said Porter.

An officer killed the suspect with a single gunshot. The little girl was unharmed.  Police say the mother of the child did not know who the man was.

"I've been doing this 29 years," said Porter. "I can't remember something like this, a random act in a grocery store with all these people."

Police have yet to release the suspects identity.