OKC Leaders To Enforce Rules About Trailer, Boat Storage

Tuesday, July 16th 2013, 7:56 pm
By: Karl Torp

City leaders are trying to amend an ordinance to better enforce rules about trailer and watercraft storage.

The city says it gets more than 1,000 complaints a year about neighbors parking their boats or RVs illegally.

The amendment changes what will now be considered a commercial vehicle and creates a definition for watercraft.

Those behind the amendment says people have gotten out of code violation tickets because of the loose wording of the current ordinance.

All watercraft must be stored on a hard surface and must have screening or a fence around it, if it's stored on the side of the house.

"It's not the city to decides where you can put it on your property," said Rebecca Horsely, who has two jet skis in her front yard.

The city says that's a clear violation.

"People expect their neighbors and residents to keep their homes clear not full of clutter," said Beth Crounse, with the City's Action Center.

A first offense for parking a vehicle, trailer, or watercraft illegally is $176.

The city council has to vote through proposed changes.