OKC Police Release New Footage Of Man Suspected In 6 Robberies

Thursday, August 8th 2013, 6:22 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police released new surveillance footage of a suspect they believe is responsible for six robberies.

The man has been caught on security cameras multiple times, but so far nobody has been able to identify the man.

How effective are those security cameras posted throughout local businesses? For Kevin Henry, owner of Computer Connection, Inc., having the cameras gives him some peace of mind. He knows, though, that cameras don't deter all criminals, so he takes extra precautions.

"To see a camera like I have at my front door here, if you walk in you see a camera on you and that's a deterrent in itself," explained Henry. "In a discreet place you can hit a panic button, it'll dispatch the police on a silent alarm without startling that individual."

Security Expert Paul Conrady agrees cameras don't prevent all crime but says new technology has made it possible to catch criminals in the act, not just after the fact.

"That brings the video up in front of an operator that is being created as an alarm, not only do they call the police and say we have an alarm, but that guy is wearing blue jeans and a white shirt and a ball cap and carrying a firearm," he explained.

For Henry, the cameras did not stop a thief from breaking in but they did provide key evidence to catch the suspect.

"He wound up getting recorded by three or four cameras and that was the video footage that actually got turned over to police that caught him."

Oklahoma City Police told News 9 that security camera systems can play a big part in solving crimes. They said it only takes one person to recognize a suspect to crack the case.