Andy Craig (R)

Thursday, May 15th 2014, 2:05 pm
By: News 9

Education: B.A. Speech Communications

Hometown: Broken Arrow

What is your reason for running? "I see a vacuum or lack of solid leadership in our nation, specifically in our Senate Leadership. I see the Core Values that our Leadership holds on to very different from the Traditional Core Values our Founding Fathers had. I am running to see these values restored. Our Values determine where we go and what we do. Every issue that anyone wants to discuss has its roots in our Values. Our Values are like the roots of a fruit tree. When the fruit tree has solid roots, it has good fruit, but when it's roots are diseased, it's fruit is not good. That is where we are as a nation now. The fruit we have is our debt, immigration questions, questions on marriage and every other issue we choose to discuss. These are fruit of our Core Values which need to be restored. Values such as Commitment (doing what we say we are going to do), Personal Responsibility (taking Responsibility for the choices we make and not blaming someone else), and Trust (renewing the trust in our government that our citizens have lost)."
Why should Oklahomans vote for you? "Many years ago I learned that we are all connected. Every decision I make effects you and every decision you make effects me. What I desire to do is have a conversation with every person that I am in contact with and learn where he or she is. We all have labels we wear that help to define us to other people. These labels create an Illusion of Separateness. The reality is, though, we are all connected. A great picture is if you look at a large land mass and a small land mass that are separated by a body of water, it appears as though they are separate. However, if we were to drain the water out we would find they are connected. It just take a little bit to find the connection. That is the way you and I are. We are connected. The labels create the Illusion of Separateness. When I am able to have a conversation with you and understand you, I will discover that we have more in common than we do different - we are all connected. The Reality of Connectedness. I choose to have that conversation and discover how we are connected and then figure out how we can, together, create a solution that is a win for all peoples involved - not just a select few."

What is your political experience? "First time running. I am not running for a political office. Politics happens in every area of life, work, family, school, church, government, etc. I am running for a position of service to the people of the great state of Oklahoma."