Former Lobbyist Chad Alexander Faces More Serious Charges

Friday, May 30th 2014, 6:35 pm
By: News 9

Chad Alexander is accused of having cocaine and prescription pills inside his car and now the former lobbyist is facing even more serious charges.

News 9 obtained court documents that state Alexander also had a law enforcement badge on him and claimed he was an assistant district attorney.

Alexander faces two felony drug charges and one misdemeanor charge for obstruction after he flashed that badge. Police caught onto Alexander's illegal drug use after he was seen buying cocaine from a drug dealer.

According to court papers, $200 dollars' worth of cocaine was found in Alexander's car on the day he was arrested near N.W. 36th and Western Ave. It was purchased from an individual known to both Oklahoma City police and the FBI. 

Court papers state that Alexander was later stopped by Oklahoma City police for straddling lane lines.

When officers made contact with Alexander and asked to see his driver's license, Alexander retrieved a wallet that contained a badge similar to ones carried by district attorneys. His badge said Public Information Officer.

When the officer asked Alexander if he worked for the district attorney, he said, "yes," and when the officer asked him if he was an assistant district attorney, he answered, "yes" again.

The Cleveland County D.A. Greg Mashburn gave Alexander that badge several years ago.

Mashburn in a statement said to News 9:

"I hired this individual in 2007 as a part time public information officer, which is a common position in other district attorney offices. He worked in that position for roughly 15 months, performing tasks such as speech writing, and press release drafting, until his part time employment ceased in 2008. The badge clearly indicated he was a public information officer. Standard practice in our office is to have badges and other office property returned at the end of employment, but unfortunately this did not happen in this instance. We are tightening our policies as a result of this lapse, to prevent similar incidents in the future."

Alexander had been a political consultant for Mashburn during his run for the D.A.'s office.

 Court papers also state, Alexander admitted to the officer he had cocaine in the car and that the pain pills he had on him were not prescribed to him.

Alexander's attorney declined to make any comments about the charges being filed, but confirms Alexander is currently in a treatment facility in Texas.