Oklahoma Man Digging For Gold From Home

Friday, June 13th 2014, 7:05 pm
By: News 9

Searching for gold usually leads you to the river banks of the far west, but for one Oklahoma gold miner, that's not the case.

When you think of a gold prospector, you think of someone who looks like Mike Pung.

"90% of the gold on earth can fit through a window screen so that's all we're after is that 90%," said Pung.

The golden moment came eight years ago, with the help from his Mom, Pung was able to explore his love for minerals. He now has his own gold lab with high watts lights. 

"I want to keep the shadows off," said Pung. "That u-turn creates a force that throws the gold to outside edge."

Pung calls the gold cube, revolutionizing panning.

"What I put in there right now would have taken us about 45 minutes," said Pung. "I just did it in a minute."

This allows him to discover a whole new kind of gold mine.

"This is from sandblast sand from sand express or whatever," said Pung.

On some days, Pung says digging is just like shopping down the aisles of a local hardware store looking for the next bag of treasure.

"We're stuck here in Oklahoma and it's not the gold belt, but we're getting gold," said Pung. "How cool is that?"

But the gold isn't worth much and Pung says he doesn't plan on making a living off of it. He's actually never sold any of his finds.

"It's not about the gold," said Pung. "It's about the thrill of getting it."

Pung has gone through about 400 pounds of sand and he thinks he probably made $1.00.

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