Metro Roofers Step Up To Help MWC Couple Down On Their Luck

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 7:59 pm
By: News 9

A Midwest City couple is thankful they are finally out from under a cloud of misfortune.

Perry and Sue Bridges have been dealing with life-threatening health issues since September 2014. Multiple setbacks drained their finances to the point that something had to give and it did - their roof.

"We’re taking care of this so you can worry about other stuff,” said Derrin Bollinger of Affordable Construction.

The company teamed up with Parker Brothers Roofing to repair approximately $6,000 in damages to the Bridges’ home after their roof and, well, their whole world seemed to cave in at once.

“I kept wondering what was I doing wrong,” said Bridges

First, her husband, 52-year-old Perry Bridges was hospitalized and given only 1% chance of survival. He underwent surgery, suffered a stroke and ended up in a coma for nearly a month. As the doctor's bills piled up, Sue had to make a difficult decision to cancel their homeowner's insurance. That's when the roof started to leak.

“I needed help and I was turning to people and I kept getting turned down,” she said

Several roofing companies were called out to evaluate the damage. James McConnell of Parker Brothers Roofing said he knew immediately the couple needed a hand up.

“You get people all the time that may need a little help getting projects taken care of, but so many of them are not in the situation where they are actually in a need for somebody to come in and help them get their head back above water,” said McConnell.

Parker Brothers and Affordable Construction spent 3 and a half hours on Tuesday replacing the roof. The companies’ spokespersons called it a team effort and pointed out Malarkey Roofing, ABC Supply and Southern Shingles also donated to the cause.

“It was a pretty easy decision and everyone is happy to do it,” said Danny Bonham of Affordable Construction.

Sue said their generosity is worth more than she can ever repay.

“It just amazes me that there is still people out here that are willing to do things for someone else,” said Bridges.

Bridges says she plans to pay it forward.