National Guard Soldier Honored For May 20 Heroics

Sunday, August 3rd 2014, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

Several heroes were made on May 20 last year; first responders, neighbors, even teachers. But one hero continues to be honored even today, receiving one of the military's highest medals.

"He is an example of us all. A warrior and protector of people," said a member of the Army National Guard.

We tend to remember life in snapshots, flipping from moment to moment. Like many others, National Guard Sgt. E.H. Pittman and his wife, will always remember May 20. Acting as a human shield, Pittman saved three lives while at work right here, where a 7-11 once stood, off 4th and Telephone Rd.

Pittman was left with a spinal cord fracture, two broken shoulder blades and a collapsed lung.

"I still have the dreams and everything, but there's good days," said Pittman.

Good day's like the day he received the Oklahoma Star of Valor from Gov. Fallin. But that medal has since been rescinded and upgraded to the Army's Soldier Medal, the highest honor for any soldier from an act of valor in non-combat.

National Guard's Major General Myles Deering has been serving for nearly 43 years and has never before pinned this medal on a soldier.

"It speaks volumes of our organization and what they mean and not only to our nation but our state as well. E.H. epitomizes that attitude and dedication to service," said Deering.

The medal is actually so rare the man receiving it had never heard of it.

"I looked it up online because I didn't even know what it was," said Pittman. "I honestly don't feel I deserve it or anything,"

Prior to May 20, Pittman had served in over 500 combat missions in Afghanistan. Now he is in rehab daily, with hopes of eventually walking again.