Allergy Alert Issued In Oklahoma On Friday Due To Ragweed Pollen

Friday, September 12th 2014, 9:08 am
By: News 9

You may need to take an allergy pill before you head out the door this Friday. The Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic has issued an alert for ragweed.

In fact, the Asthma & Allergy Clinic says ragweed pollen is in the "very high" category. They say this is an extreme exposure situation.

Those who are extremely sensitive to pollen may experience some of the most severe symptoms like sneezing, stuffiness, watery eyes, and a runny nose.

Other than taking medication, and limiting outdoor activities, doctors say there are other precautions you need to take, especially on your morning drive.

"Keep your windows and doors closed inside your home, when you're driving in your vehicle, keep your windows up, put your vent on recirculate, so that you're not getting hit in the nose and eyes with high levels of ragweed pollen," Dr. Karl Sitz said.

Doctors also say with so many allergens in the air, it can be difficult to know for sure if ragweed is your culprit.

The best way to find out is to be tested at the Allergy & Asthma Clinic.