Drivers Rejoice! OKC Home To Cheapest Gas In US

Thursday, December 4th 2014, 7:05 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City is now home to the nation's cheapest gas prices.

Prices below two dollar per gallon have cars lined up at the pump. After looking at the final price tag at $1.99 a gallon, it's easy to understand why people are pumped.

"Everybody's excited, everybody's happy," said one OnCue customer.

"Never expected there'd be this much traffic here," said another customer.

Gas stations seem like the last place you want to have a party. But with a price like this, the OnCue at SE 44th St. and Shields Blvd. is the place to be.

"I drove over here from 118th," said customer Paul Doyle.

Doyle and his friend, James Monday, are having flashbacks of prices past; some, even decades old.

"I couldn't imagine a scene like this, it's crazy,” said Monday.

"Not since the 70's," said another customer.

But the prices aren't that vintage. This is the first time Oklahoma City has seen sub-$2 since 2009 and the first time in the nation since 2010.

"People are calling us the most beloved gas station in America," said OnCue worker Vince Viot.

You can consider Viot the party host. On Wednesday, he was the one who took the call from corporate to drop the price.

"I thought I misheard it at first," said Viot.

Thankfully for Doyle, Viot heard right. And now the party could go somewhere else.

"Oh man, that'd be nice. Now that's something. I like to deal with, groceries," said Doyle.

Back in 2011, News 9 reported grocery costs increased with the fuel costs. Now a buyer for Crest Foods tells us that the reverse could happen, eventually.

As for this day Monday, Doyle and Viot will party like it's 2009.

“It's nice though. I hope it lasts awhile. I really do," said Monday.

Economics professor Dr. Dan Rickman said this drop could take away nearly 1,000 production jobs. That is if the prices continue to decline into the spring.

Managers at the OnCue say they think their store was selected by corporate because it is the company's newest store.