Tips On Reducing Back-To-School Stress

Monday, August 10th 2015, 8:27 am
By: News 9

Monday marks one week of school for students in Oklahoma City. But most districts have yet to return to the classroom.

Whether you've been back or still waiting, it can all be nerve-wracking. We have some tips on how to stop the stress.

We all know that back-to-school feeling. Kids have been able to sleep in and do as they please for months, but now all of a sudden you have to be up early and the schedule is vital.

So we sat down with a local child psychologist for some tips. Doctor Steve Sternlof made sure to recognize it's not just the kids who are stressed, so are the parents.

Here are his recommendations:

First and most importantly -- plan ahead. Dr. Sternlof said switching sleep schedules so quickly isn't easy. Parents and kids need to get into the school sleep mode a few weeks early or at least a week before school starts.

Also -- think ahead. Parents know their kids best. So if your child is or is not a morning person think ahead on how early you need to start that sleep schedule. You need to also think about what problems may arise. Balance work schedules and school schedule as early as possible.

But no matter what happens, Dr. Sternlof wants the window of communication to stay open.

"I advise the kids to be open with their parents and talk to their parents, that is not always easy for the majority of kids. A lot of kids have a coach or another trusted adult. An aunt and uncle, grandma or grandpa that occasionally even more than their parents and that’s a positive outlet for kids to have that," said Dr. Steve Sternlof, Health Service Psychologist.

If you feel like you may be alone on feeling stressed, don't. Doctor Sternlof said he sees an increase in calls near school time.

So don’t be afraid to see a professional.