Edmond Central Middle School Student Accused Of Making 'Hit List'

Tuesday, October 6th 2015, 11:03 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond 7th grader is suspended following the discovery of an apparent "hit list”, a notebook with 27 names written inside.

It was found by another student Tuesday, at Central Middle School

Edmond school officials and police are taking this one very seriously. The parents of those 27 students were notified immediately after the list was turned over to police.

It was titled - "Hit list”.

A mix of male and female students at Central Middle written inside a spiral notebook found by another student, and police say the 7th graders intentions were clear.

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“The intentions were to kill the 27 students on the list,” said Jenny Monroe, Edmond PD.

“I don’t know what to think these days,” said Denise Bernard. “We just had a shooting in Oregon.”

Denis Bernard was caught off guard by the news from her daughter.

“At the end of the day, they went on the announcements and said that we had an issue with someone trying to do harm to twenty something people on this hit list,” said 8th grader, Regan Bernard.

“I was just like, it’s amazing. I was, wow,” said Regan’s mother, Denise.

Students were sent home Tuesday with a letter. The 7th grader was suspended and his motives are being questioned.

“No indication as to why these particular students names were on this list,” said Edmond Public School spokesperson, Susan Parks-Schlepp. “So we really have no motive at his time.”

“We have no way honestly of knowing if he truly was planning on carrying out what he had written down in the notebook,” said Monroe.

But, police are taking the threat very seriously and Denise says she's thankful for the student who acted fast and handed that "hit list" over to teachers.

“I’d definitely give a thumbs up to that kid, whoever saw it. Congratulations, because I think she or he could have saved some lives, whether this person was going to act or not,” said Denise. “I’m just thankful.”

Edmond schools says the student faces a range of consequences including in or out of school suspension up to one year.

The investigation is ongoing.