On To The Next One: First Road Trip Is In The Books

Thursday, October 8th 2015, 3:26 pm
By: News 9

One down and more to go!

Downtown Minneapolis is pretty cool, clean and up to date as downtowns go. I'm not sure where it rates with the rest of the skyscraper towns, but I have zero complaints for the second time in six months. I found some time to jog around downtown the morning after the Thunder win over the Timberwolves. Thankfully the weather is still bearable.

I grew up a Vikes fan so I can't wait to see the new football stadium. I made sure to jog by the massive project Thursday morning. It's not as big as Jerry World in Dallas, but big enough to pack the purple-people eaters.

Maybe one of these years, Minnesota will get back to the Super Bowl, 0-4 at last check. I still hold a slight grudge against the Raiders, Steelers, Dolphins and Chiefs. They should've stayed outdoors in my opinion, I hated the old Metrodome.

I will say the biggest challenge on my Thunder journeys will be keeping up with all my belongings (personal and tv items). The station purchased a backpack to put my camera and computer in. The backpack must have about 15 different pockets to put items in. Where did my phone charger go? I know I put it in this backpack. That scenario happened way too many times on game day. As I type I'm wondering about a missing receipt. I know I put it in the backpack.

Michael Cage (Thunder TV) and a Timberwolves employee said the same thing on gameday  "You're like a one-man show." I guess you're right, but I have PLENTY of help from the station to make sure it all works. One T-Wolves employee wished one of their local stations would follow their team around the country. I took that as a big compliment for Griffin Communications in making our Thunder journey possible.

We're approaching Denver, the Captain said we can expect a bumpy finish. UGH!!!

Typing and turbulence...not a good combination for me, that's a wrap.