UPS Drivers Using U-Haul Trucks To Deliver Packages

Thursday, December 17th 2015, 9:20 am
By: News 9

You may have seen an online post saying terrorists have gotten a hold of UPS uniforms and are using U-Haul trucks to help carry out attacks. It turns out though it's just normal business for UPS. 

Part of this is also a concern that thieves are getting creative at stealing packages off porches. UPS though says you should not be surprised to see their workers driving around in U-Haul trucks, and other rental vehicles this holiday season.

This is due to the unexpectedly high number of deliveries they have to make. UPS expects to deliver about 630 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

UPS officials say it's a cost effective way of temporarily expanding their delivery fleet to address the high demand.

There are two simple ways to make sure the person driving the U-Haul is really from UPS. They'll be wearing the company's familiar brown uniform and carrying an electronic clipboard that they use to record delivery information.