OKC Carjacking Suspect Arrested

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, 8:49 pm
By: News 9

A man accused of stealing a worker's car from the Super Wal-Mart near Reno and Macarthur was booked into jail on Wednesday. He is also accused of trying to carjack another man near Meridian and NW 8th.

He is identified as Jason Ray, 31, and is currently being held on a $71,000 bond.

Turns out, he messed with the wrong guy when he was trying to give police the slip.

Chris Walters said he was just going to his car to get something to eat when the suspect jumped right in the backseat and tried to carjack him. But Walters refused to give up his car.

It all happened in the front parking lot of the Meridian Place Apartments located near NW 8th Street.

“I asked him what he was doing,” said Walters. “He said ‘Just drive’, and I said ‘Nope not happening’.”

Walters said the suspect, who police identified as Ray, tried to argue with him, and even started reaching down the front of his pants acting like he had a gun.

Turns out just minutes before, Ray had forced a worker at a Super Wal-Mart near Reno and Macarthur to give up his car too.

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“Told me he was going to blow my head off,” said Walters. “I'm like OK dude, time to get out of the car.”

Walters said that's when Ray begrudgingly took off running from the complex.

Police were able to catch him about two blocks away, after Walters gave them the tip.

Walters said he was just glad the suspect didn't force him to hand over his car. And he said Ray is lucky he didn't have his gun with him that he usually carries in the middle console.

“A higher power was looking over both of us,” said Walters.

No word on why Ray was so desperate to steal a car. But the police report said his first victim claimed he told him he was set to go to prison the next day, and wanted to see his daughter.