Open Records Request Shows Multiple Hazing Allegations On OU Campus

Wednesday, March 9th 2016, 6:58 pm
By: News 9

In the wake of the ugly racist incident involving members of the University of Oklahoma's SAE chapter, one year ago this week, OU took steps to improve campus diversity and change a Greek culture that many feel fosters hazing and other bad behavior.

Information obtained by News 9 through an Open Records request shows that the school still has work to do.

Between August 2015 and December 2015, the University's Office of Student Conduct received five reports of hazing that led to investigations. Three of the reports involved fraternities, two involved sororities. OU did not name the organizations.

Two of the reports were found to be false, or at least not hazing. One involved an allegation that new members of a fraternity were forced to engage in a simulated sex act. Investigators determined the alleged acts did not occur. A second incident involved allegations that pledges were forced to "don boxing gloves and spar [with] each other." The investigation determined no student was forced or pressured to participate in a boxing match.

In a third incident, Student Conduct investigated a video showing a freshman girl chugging a wine cooler. It was determined that the incident took place off campus in a private residence and was not at a sorority or fraternity event. “Students were sanctioned individually,” the report stated.

A fourth hazing allegation -- that new members of a sorority were being paddled -- was still being investigated.

A fifth allegation of hazing did lead to punitive actions. The Open Records report shows that a "social fraternity" was suspended from campus for up to a year, based on an incident reported to a college dean in August. The ensuing investigation determined that "initiates were exposed to elements for extended periods of time, made to perform calisthenics, and were kicked (lightly) on their bottoms."

In addition to the suspension, the organization, identified by the University as the Loyal Knights of Old Trusty (LKOT), is now "required to prepare, with Student Conduct approval, a new manual for admitting new members."

According to the University, LKOT is an engineering student group.

News 9 reached out to the University's Public Affairs department for comment and additional information and here was their response:

"The sorority investigation identified in the request found no evidence that hazing had occurred, and Student Conduct closed that file.”

"The University has worked closely with the Social fraternity to reform its new member program to make certain it complies with our hazing policy. As a result of the extraordinary work by alumni members, College administrators and student members, we are pleased to report that the suspension has been lifted so that this valued organization can resume operations and activities."

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