Parents Question PC Schools Proposal To Close Pre-K Centers, Redraw Boundaries

Thursday, March 31st 2016, 10:21 pm
By: News 9

A proposal by the Putnam City School District would turn DD Kirkland Elementary into an early childhood center, only serving pre-K through second grade. And the third through fifth graders would go somewhere else.

Ashley Glenn has a first and second grader at DD Kirkland Elementary. “We’ve been here two years. We love it,” she said.

And even though this change is not set in stone, she said the questions and unnecessary anxieties are wearing on her family.

“They security is huge,” said Glenn. “They know who all the teachers are, they can go to any teacher if they have a problem or question.”

She was one of many concerned parents at Thursday's meeting. Dozens submitted questions on cards and some spoke out.

Superintendent Fred Rhodes agreed the change could be difficult, but reminded parents of the budget crisis. He said this proposal saves money by closing the Springdale and Deville pre-K facilities. Those kids would go to Kirkland.

As for Kirkland’s third through fifth graders, they would either go to Coronado or Rollingwood Elementary Schools - depending on where they live according to this map.

District officials said they expect class sizes to increase and only the teachers with continuing contracts are guaranteed a job next year.

Parents said it would be big change for their child at a vulnerable time in life - but the Superintendent said it would save $273,000 per year.

After the meeting, there was a group collecting signatures in opposition of the proposal.

The board is set to vote on the issue at Monday night's meeting.

If approved, it would take effect next year.