Harrah Mailbox Vandal Facing Felony Offense

Monday, April 18th 2016, 5:32 pm
By: News 9

Mailbox vandalism is nothing new, but if the damages are more than $500 it's a felony crime., and that's just what folks in Harrah have on their hands -- but with a bit of a twist. 

When you look at just part of the mailbox, at first glance you might not really notice the bottom part is missing. But, the big pile of bricks beside it gives it away.

It's not your typical mailbox vandalism. It wasn’t a baseball bat that was used; it was a John Deere Gator.

“Looks like somebody was actually ejected out of the vehicle as well, too, and then they got back in and drove away,” Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Mark Opgrande said.

The man who owns it didn't see it happen. In fact, he didn't know his mailbox was cut in half until his neighbor came over and told him.

“In most cases you don’t have any witnesses,” Opgrande said.

A neighbor also got video of it, but nobody could make out the faces barreling through the neighborhood. The mailbox has to be replaced, but the homeowner hopes whoever did it wasn't hurt even though they may have other issues to deal with.

“Destruction of private property, leaving the scene of an accident,” Opgrande said.