Apple Launches New Tool 'CareKit'

Monday, May 2nd 2016, 8:46 am
By: News 9

As a way for patients to keep a closer eye on their own health, Apple is hoping that their new tool "CareKit" will be the cure.

CareKit is software that gives app makers the tools to build health apps. There are four main parts,

  1. A care card which helps users keep track of how often they take their medicine.
  2. A symptom-tracking tool that can be used to monitor fevers.
  3. A dashboard for comparing symptoms against recorded health metrics.
  4. A function for sharing that information with doctors.

CareKit is already featured in at least four apps.  Those include "OneDrop," which helps manage diabetes. A mental health app called 'Start," which tracks depression symptoms. Also a pregnancy app called "Glow Nurture."

Even though this software may seem groundbreaking, Physicians tend to be skeptical. They want to be sure that they are still able to meet face-to-face with patients.