Fans Tell KD to #StayInOKC

Thursday, June 23rd 2016, 4:32 pm
By: Brett Coppenbarger

One of the best basketball players on the planet has spent the eight seasons making a name for himself in Oklahoma City, but there’s a chance Kevin Durant has played his final game in a Thunder uniform. On July 1st Durant will officially become a free agent, which allows him to sign with any team he chooses.  

After leading the Thunder to a Western Conference Championship in 2012 along with many other memorable seasons, no one in the state of Oklahoma wants to see Durant leave the city in which he means so much.

Therefore, News 9 would like to help out in enticing Durant to stay put.

For fans wanting to let Kevin Durant how much he and the Thunder mean to you, fans can either write a letter or send in a video to explaining the reasons why KD should stay in Oklahoma City.

Maybe watching the Durant and the Thunder play helped you get through a tough time, or he may just simply be your favorite athlete to watch. Regardless of the reason, we want to hear from you!

Along with email, you can also post your video on Twitter using the #StayInOKC hashtag and mentioning the @News9 Twitter handle. 

Here are a few of the videos and letters we've received already: 

"I moved to Oklahoma City in September. Within a month, I got married, moved 7 hours from my hometown, and started a new job. Needless to say, I felt a little lost in my new city. With my husband being from OKC, I had been roped into watching numerous Thunder games.... Throughout my time here I've noticed KD has made a name for OKC in the basketball world but has also put an imprint on the community. He has given OKC an identity; an identity that I belong to. Without Oklahoma City Thunder, I wouldn’t feel as tied to this city. KD brought me a love for Oklahoma City and for basketball, and it wouldn’t be the same without him. So KD, please, stay in OKC." - Erin from Oklahoma City

"KD, I have a story to tell you to let you know just how much of an impact you have made on several Oklahoma lives.. Basketball has never been a favorite sport of mine - I went to games when my son, nieces, nephews and grandchildren played, but to see them, not for the love of basketball.. So, when my family saw me getting into Thunder games -EVERY Thunder game, they were shocked.. YOU Kevin, made basketball a game to love - you were every mothers son.. I got two of my best friends watching and the three of us would text back and forth through every game, the entire game, cheering you on. One of these friends was battling cancer but the Thunder games (no, KD), got her excited and brought a smile to her face... Month after month we all got more involved, were even able to attend a few games ... As she began to loose her battle, and strength was leaving her- she'd text and say , let's watch KD tonight- watching you got her through - and when you'd get pulled, she was NOT happy!!!  My friend lost her hard fought battle this week, but she laid in her hospital bed watching KD, along with her son, to the end.. She'll be watching from Heaven now but she'll be looking for her KD in his "Thunder" blue .... So see, you just can't leave OKC. - Janice L."

"Please stay! You have brought so much to our city, and to our families. My 2 grandsons love basketball ever since you came and they started watching. Now they are involved in school basketball because of watching you and the rest of the team! If you leave it would sadden the hearts of my grandsons and the whole state! You make us proud to be a part of your life. YOU ARE FAMILY! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!" - Susan B.  

"Kevin, you have grown as a man and a basketball player as has the team. We now know we can beat the GSW, Spurs and the Cavs. The Thunder is an unbeatable opponent for any team. Please think of this when making your decision: Stay with the Thunder and make history (NBA Champs) or leave and just be a part of history!!" - Pam Q. 

"Three reasons Why KD needs to stay in Okc. But first my reason I was in the army for twelve years I don't even watch basketball until I came home after being home I started watching basketball only when the thunder plays. They didn't make it to the finals this year but that's ok we still love them.

One: You are a huge inspiration to the youth of the community not just Okc all over Oklahoma.

Two: You bring joy and hope to those in a time of need.

Three: All you have done for the community is great and we love you even more than you think.

KD you are a hero in my mind and it would hurt me so much to see you go. Like I said before you are one of the only reasons I watch basketball and I wish I could be like you in a sense that you are talented, caring,and all around among the best athletes of all time." -Matthew M.

"KD I would love to see you stay. But I also want you to do what you want to do. I want you to have a fulfilling and wonderful career. The only food for thought that I would pass along if you were my child would be:

What is your goal?  When you are retired what will you be most proud of? I know the high priority is not the money because your heart is too big. So do you want to just win the Championship? Or do you want to build a team that holds together through the years like the Spurs have, i.e., Duncan, Parker, and Ginobolli? They played together for years, built a bond, and was hard to beat because of that bond. Kobe stayed with the Lakers for years and became the face of that team. You and Westbrook and used to be Serge is also a great 3 (Adams now?) and you are the face of The Thunder; not just because of your skills but also your dedication to building the team from nothing. To me, as someone who has no idea what it is like to walk in your mocassins, that is a bigger legacy than any Championship. The Championship is what you can do, the dedication and leadership in building something this great from nothing is who you are. It's unfortunate that they don't have stats for that but you would and do know. So does everyone else that values those actions more than stats.

Well I hope you personally get the opportunity to read this and I hope I have given you fair and sound points to ponder over. I hope it helps you, kid. It's the same advise I would give one of my own. Thank you for sharing your talent and God bless your mother. I, too, was a single mother working 3 jobs and going to college. So I have cried for your mother and you. It's hard but that is what makes us strong.

My best to you and your family." - Lucinda D. 

"KD my wife and I have watched every game you've played. Until the Thunder came to OKC I really only watched college ball. The excitement you have brought to our community and the skill you display night in and night out. It's like a magic show watching you because you never know when you're going to posterize someone or hit the game winning three from what looked like it started in Norman. We as a community would feel a deep loss and OKC would never be the same. So KD PLEASE STAY HERE we need you and don't want to lose you." -Sean D.

"Hi I really want KD to stay here in OKC. He is not only a great basketball player but he is a class act guy. He has done so much to help our community and is a great example to children. He is a Godly man that we would miss dearly. So please stay KD!  OKC loves you! ???? We will be ?? if you leave! #stayinokc #weloveyou" - Christy G.

"Wow it is hard to know where to begin when talking about why I want KD to stay here in OKC.  First off let me say that I am fairly new to the basketball bandwagon.  I come from a sports loving family and for the longest time I was kind of the odd one out because I wanted nothing to do with watching sports of any kind.  I have three siblings and they all love baseball.  However our mother who passed away over 20 years ago was a huge basketball fan.  Her two siblings are as well.  In fact my uncle, her little brother, played and then coached basketball which I am sure played a part in developing her love for the game.  I started paying attention to the Thunder when they went to the finals in 2012.  And over the past couple of years I have definitely grown to love basketball just like my mom did!!  In fact recently, someone asked me why I started loving it so much and I said that I think I had decided to carry on the torch for my mom.  Their response was that she would be proud...and that makes me happy!  I am a 50 year old single woman with some health issues and not much of a life outside of my work as a nanny for two little boys who also love basketball.  I now put Thunder stuff all over my facebook page.  My family was shocked when that started :)  I love to watch how this team has grown and how some of the players have grown individually.  I love how the guys get so involved with the community and how they are such great role models for the kids!  You are a hero with a big heart to many people KD.  I admit I may get a little to emotionally invested sometimes because I don't like all the trading and business stuff (with a couple of exceptions).  I was super sad to see Perk go and now Serge.  I know that these things are done for the good of the team though and I always eventually come around.  But if you were to go too....well I just don't know  That sounds really selfish though because I would also want for you to do what makes you happy.  I can only hope and pray that it is US the fans of OKC that will be a part of what makes you happy because we truly do love you KD.  Not just KD the star but KD the person!!!" - DeAnn K. 

"I have never been a basketball fan until OKC got a team, then I began watching whenever I got the chance. At first I went to my local sports bar to watch the team play but now I go to watch YOU play because you have been such a big part of my love for Oklahoma City. You are the face of the Thunder and Oklahoma City. Watching the Thunder would not be the same without you. My friends and I facebook before, during, and after games and many of those posts include your name and picture. You see, KD, I used to live in Oklahoma City but moved away in 2004. I now live in Albuquerque, NM. I can also tell you that you have many fans here who don't want you to leave. We watched you during the regular season, and in the playoffs just recently, and we cheered you on every game. So, please don't leave the Thunder and Oklahoma City. You give all of us who live out of state another reason to be proud of Oklahoma." - Becky D. from Albuquerque , NM

"In the past, I was not a huge basketball fan but did enjoy the time my husband and I spent with his mother watching Michael Jordan and the Bulls play----she was a basketball fan!  She passed away several years ago and I did not watch much basketball except some OU games with my husband and his aunt (who played basketball in her high school years). However, it all began to change when Thunder came to OKC…..I hate to miss a game now!  We have attended several games and I enjoy it immensely.  The team, players, coaches and fans are outstanding!

KD---you are a part of OKC and in our hearts forever.  You have grown as a man and player while here in our fair town and we have enjoyed every minute of your transformation and look forward to you growing more.  You are hardworking, humble, giving, leader, team player, friend, entrepreneur, mentor, Okie (even though you were transplanted from D.C. to Texas and here J) and so much more.

You and Thunder and OKC together can win a championship against anyone……….please stay and help make it happen!  OKC loves you and all the Thunder organization! I know Mama Durant is so proud of you and so is OKC! Stay in OKC KD!" - Melissa C