NextGen Live: Radar Power

Thursday, November 10th 2016, 2:32 pm
By: News 9

News 9 now has the most advanced weather radar in the world. The technology gives us the highest resolution, the most accurate and the fastest weather data in Oklahoma.

News 9's NextGen Live is the most advanced dual pol radar in the world.

"In the past, you've been running a radar that's 250 kilowatts, the radar you're receiving is one megawatt, so four times the power," said Bob Dreisewerd, Baron Chief Development Officer.

Engineers at Baron Services in Huntsville, Alabama designed the radar to scan through storms with one million watts of power.

"You're going to be able to see things further away as they approach your viewing area," said Dreisewerd.

The power allows the radar's two energy beams to penetrate through hail, wind and rain- to get inside the most threatening part of the storm. Inside the dome are two super computers that process all the data, then it's sent straight into the News 9 Weather Center LIVE -- as it's happening.

"It's peering inside the storm and really figuring out where that key location is," said Steve Bray, Baron Meteorologist.

This radar is not just more powerful than the other TV stations; it's more powerful than the National Weather Service.

"You're going to be able to run this radar up to four times a minute, so having more frequent updates for your viewer during critical weather situations," said Dreisewerd.

"The accuracy of this system will be second to none, it will be superior to anything else we've put out in the field," said John Ellis, Baron Program Manager.