NextGen Live: News 9 History Of "Firsts"at

Thursday, November 10th 2016, 2:42 pm
By: News 9

Here at News 9, we've been a leader in weather technology in Oklahoma. Now, we've just unveiled another first, our NextGen Live. It's the most powerful and fastest dual pol radar in the world.

In 1981, News 9 was the first television station in the world to use a Doppler radar.

"For the first time we were able to look at storms and look at rotation in storms," said Chief Meteorologist David Payne.

We also were first to do storm tracking on the screen and the first to bring you our StreetScope technology, which shows you the exact location of breaking news and weather over live video.

"We can track a tornado on the ground from the chopper from the camera showing streets where the tornado is and where it's headed, street by street, block by block and mile by mile," said Payne.

Now, another first is unveiled. Our NextGen Live, the most powerful dual pol radar in the world. Baron Services in Huntsville, Alabama upgraded roughly 170 National Weather Service radars across the country to dual pol radars. Dual pol technology releases two beams of energy in the atmosphere to scan for storms.

"We were the first to install dual pol systems commercially," said John Ellis, Baron Program Manager.

But our radar is even more sophisticated.

"We've taken that same dual pole radar but we've basically put it on steroids," said Payne. "The processor the computer that goes into it is just a beast."

With one million watts of power, the NextGen live will give you dual pol information about Oklahoma's storms with the highest resolution and in real time, no delay.