3 Arrested In Connection With 30 Car Burglaries In Edmond

Wednesday, March 15th 2017, 10:13 pm
By: News 9

It was not normal for neighbors to see suspicious men walking by cars about 3:50 a.m. Wednesday near Saints Boulevard and Second Street.

Edmond police responded and caught up to them in a vehicle near Sonny Blues Place and Nature Lane in the Arbor Creek neighborhood.

“Once they stopped them, they found a lot of property in that car, which obviously is another thing that is not normal,” said Sgt. James Hamm with Edmond Police.

Police said 20-year-old Gabrielle Nichols, 22-year-old Tyler Hartzog and 20-year-old Logan Persinger were arrested, telling authorities they were responsible for 30-plus car burglaries in the area that night.

Their crime spree reportedly stretched from 33rd to Waterloo east of Interstate 35. Police said one of the men drove around with an officer to point out as many places they hit as he could remember.

One of them was outside Karen Dorr's home.

“We weren’t sure what was going on but we saw a police car out there with the lights going,” she explained.

She said their Honda had been left unlocked and someone went through it. But thankfully, she said nothing appeared to be missing.

Living in this quiet part of town for the last decade, she said they'd never experienced something like this.

“You just feel violated you know, when people break into your car or attempt to burglarize you in any way,” Dorr said. “We will definitely be locking our car doors."

Hamm said without the call from the vigilant resident reporting suspicious activity near Saints and Second, they may not have been able to catch these people.

So far, officers matched property with three confirmed victims, and more are expected to come forward.

At the time of this report, police said the suspects were charged with three counts of auto burglary and conspiracy.