One Suspect In Custody In Spencer Homicide Investigation

Sunday, August 20th 2017, 4:06 pm
By: News 9

One person of interest is in custody after a homicide Sunday afternoon, Spencer police Chief Allen Lane said.

Investigators have not yet released the identities of the male victim nor the man who was arrested, but there is at least one connection between the two.

The victim's family discovered him dead in his bed in his Beal Avenue home, and his car was not in the driveway. Police later found that car with the person of interest.

“We’re still interviewing family members,” said Oklahoma County sheriff's office spokesman Mark Opgrande. “We’re going to be interviewing this person of interest to try to get a timeline, try to figure out exactly what happened.”

The Oklahoma County sheriff's office took over the investigation.

Investigators said it is possible the homicide victim died hours before his family showed up about 1 p.m. Sunday.

"A relative came over to this house and noticed the victim’s car was missing. They couldn’t get in the home, so they called another relative who came over with a key and let him in the house,” Opgrande said.

At least one neighbor told police they had heard a car squealing out of the neighborhood, maybe about 2 a.m.

Not long after investigators arrived at the scene Sunday afternoon, however, the case took a surprising turn.

“There was actually a separate call of a reckless driver on NE 36th,” said Opgrande.

Harrah police and Oklahoma County deputies found an abandoned car at the intersection of NE 36th Street and Triple X Road, and a man emerged from the woods.

“That vehicle matched the description,” Opgrande said. “In fact, it is the same vehicle that is supposedly the victim’s vehicle.”

The man was arrested, but has not been named a suspect in the homicide. Investigators will be searching the wooded area where he was found, as they continue to piece together the narrative of events.