NTSB Releases Report On Plane Crash That Killed Moore Residents

Thursday, December 28th 2017, 6:02 pm

The National Transportation Safety Board has finished its investigation into a plane crash that killed three people from Moore last year.

The report confirms what authorities suspected, that the pilot of the small private plane was going too slow and that caused the plane to stall out.

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But, there’s more to the story.

"Ma'am. Ma'am uh, straighten up!  Straighten up!" Those were the last words from the tower at a Houston area airport just before the plane crashed killing three people. The crash was captured on a nearby security camera. 

The report shows the pilot, Dana Gray, her husband, Tony, and his brother, Jerry, all of Moore, were trying to land at Hobby Airport in Houston. Air traffic controllers had ordered Mrs. Gray twice to circle around the airport to land, but she was coming in too high.

On the third try, controllers told her, "52-Gulf just go ahead and make the left turn now to ender the downwind, midfield downwind for only 4. If you can just keep me a nice, low tight pattern."

The report blames the crash on, quote, “The pilot's improper go-around procedure that did not ensure that the airplane was at a safe airspeed before raising the flaps”. In other words, she was going too slow. 

But the report also blames the air traffic controllers for possibly confusing her with, quote, “An unnecessarily complex clearance during a critical phase of flight.” And that, quote, “The complex instructions from the second local controller during the pilot's go-around following her third landing attempt, were unnecessary at that time and likely distracted the pilot from monitoring critical flight parameters.”

The report also shows the pilot was taking a medication for insomnia that the FAA warns against using if flying.