Thousands In Tools And Supplies Stolen From OKC Plumber

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 11:01 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A thief is accused of stealing thousands of dollars of plumbing-related merchandise out an Oklahoma City man's pick-up.

The victim says the burglar is still on the run, but whoever did this left a trail of damage on North Roff Avenue.

“I went to get into my truck, hit my little key fob, open the door and my truck was flat empty,” says Daniel Reid.

Raid owns DMR Plumbing and Design LLC, and says the break-in happened sometime between 11:00 Monday night and 6:00 Tuesday morning.

Lights were also ripped out from the roof of the pick-up.

Reid says thieves worked quickly, quietly and remained hidden in the shadows.

Aside from big-ticket items, he adds whoever did this stole small supplies like nuts and bolts as well. 

“Hand tools, all my power tools… They took my briefcase, which contains every city and state license I have. I have to go to each individual city now and get copies,” says Reid.

He says other neighbors were hit by burglars too.

“When police came the next day and I filled out the report, he made the comment that my neighborhood had been the hot spot for the evening,” Reid says.

Reid believes with this much damage, a group of people must be behind the burglaries.

What's worse, Reid had insurance, but wasn’t aware that his policy did not cover these kinds of crimes.

“Sit down with your agent. Make sure what you feel like is covered is actually is being covered. Once something happens then it's too late,” says Reid.

Other plumbers have stepped up to help Reid in his time of need, but he says he won't stop until he tracks down who did this.

“You don't give up. You just keep going on,” he says. “This is how I make my living. Don't take my ability to work just because you're too lazy that you don't want to have a job.”

Reid reports he is working with neighbors to try and track down surveillance tape of those involved.