Puppy Found Wrapped In Weighted Trash Bag In Frozen Creek

Friday, December 14th 2018, 11:23 am
By: News 9


Call it a holiday miracle. Two men rescued a white, pink-nosed puppy from a frozen creek in Sadieville, Kentucky, Tuesday morning. The pup had been thrown into a trash bag weighted with three large rocks, according to the Scott County Animal Shelter in nearby Georgetown.

“She had wiggled her little head out of the bag and that was the only thing sticking out of the water,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “She appears to be an Australian Shep or a Border Collie.”

The men dropped her off at the rescue, where she got a meal, a warm place to sleep and a new name: Chapel.

A checkup revealed she was healthy except for a congenital eye defect, which is a common trait among Australian Shepherd or Border Collie puppies whose parents both have piebald or “merle” coats, WCPO reports.

Animals shelter officials said the creek was partially frozen over and the bag was wedged under some ice, so it’s believed the bag had been tossed into the water, CBS affiliate WLKY reports.

Anyone with information on how the puppy ended up in the creek is urged to contact the Scott County Animal Shelter at 502-863-7897.