OU Student Who Recorded Man In Blackface Says University 'Needs To Do Better'

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 9:58 pm

The University of Oklahoma has confirmed that OUPD is working to ensure campus safety after a man was spotted in blackface on campus corner Wednesday afternoon.  

This is the second blackface incident in five days involving the university.

Before 1 p.m., a female black student spotted a white man in blackface. She said he was walking in plain view, and she followed him as he walked down the sidewalk.

 “Either I could’ve walked away, and I was like, or I could make a difference,” said OU student Ashonte Winston. “I was like, you’ve got to stand for something.”

Winston said as a campus and community, OU needs to do better. Adding, that includes the school’s board and leadership.

“Yesterday during the rally, there was a lot going on. How can we come together and hear each other out when we have ignorance walking around this campus?” asked Winston.

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President Gallogly held a press conference on Monday. He addressed some concerns after two sophomore students withdrew from the school. Both belonged to the Delta Delta Delta Sorority. In that video, one female student was caught on camera wearing blackface, as her friend posed next to her.

Following Wednesday’s blackface sighting, the school says “OUPD is working to ensure all on campus are safe.”

A prominent free speech advocate spoke with News 9 to remind others that long ago, the Supreme Court ruled censorship is not the answer to these actions. 

“It’s not illegal to simply say words that are offensive to other people or walk around in blackface. People have a First Amendment right to be stupid. I know it’s hateful, I understand that,” said Joey Senate, an Associate Professor at OSU.

Senate adds the same protections that apply to the man in blackface protect those who counter-protest. 

OU has not been able to confirm if the man in blackface is a student. They also did not respond to any questions News 9 asked Wednesday. Like, “How will OU handle these copy-cat offenses in the future?”

Many students said these actions cannot be tolerated.

They want the school to take action.

“I could have acted out the way I wanted to. I could have done a lot of things to that boy. I don’t know who he is, but I do represent a much bigger body. And we are one, and we stand together as family,” said Winston.

Some students are planning a march in support of President Gallogly Thursday night. Those with the Black Student Association plan on attending and say they hope it will remind others that many people experience racism every day, not just in viral videos.

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