OU Investigators Interview 6 Witnesses, Say Boren Accuser Is 'Generally Credible'

Wednesday, May 29th 2019, 11:29 am
By: Grant Hermes

In a newly released excerpt of the confidential investigation report into allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against former University of Oklahoma President David Boren, investigators have interviewed six witnesses who recounted instances of misconduct by Boren. Investigators also found Boren’s most out spoken accuser, Jess Eddy, credible.

The four-page excerpt was viewed by Jess Eddy, who sent it to media outlets Tuesday afternoon. The pages only pertain to the portion of the report about Eddy. They are also the only glimpse into the report and investigation conducted by Jones Day law firm which was hired by OU to investigate to the running total cost of more than $500,000.

Investigators say despite Eddy's initial statements defending Boren and later asking for money to hide an alleged assault, Eddy provided “generally credible” and “generally reliable” information.

The report also acknowledges Eddy’s initial defense of Boren to investigators and his later request for compensation from Boren to hide an alleged assault and found his allegations credible despite the acknowledgement.

The pages also detail new assault allegations that occurred with "regularity" in the OU President's office for at least a year between 2011 and 2012. According to the account given to investigators by Eddy, Boren’s alleged assaults were described as “grandfatherly” but “inappropriate,” including prolonged hugging, kisses on the check and groping his behind. The alleged encounters left Eddy “Confused, angry and depressed.” Eddy also told investigators the alleged instances “felt like an invitation and that was the troubling thing.”  

Eddy’s accounts, investigators say, were “consistent with” and “similar to” the six witnesses that have been interviewed.

"David Boren deceived us all for decades and preyed on our most vulnerable. His actions belong in the sunlight of public scrutiny, and he needs to be held to account," Eddy said in a statement Tuesday night.

Neither of David Boren's attorneys responded to a request for comment although when Eddy first came forward one of Boren's attorneys, Clark Brewster, said the allegations were false and Eddy lacked credibility.

In response to the release of the excerpt an OU Spokesperson Lauren Brookey said in an email. "We have nothing to add other than our continued commitment to title ix and legal processes that require our involvement."

Brookey did not answer whether OU plans to release the full report to the public. The pages of the report released by Eddy say the report is a privileged and confidential attorney work product, which are generally not subject to public viewing unless the privilege is waived by a client, in this case OU.

OU has turned over the Report to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, according to the Oklahoman. The OSBI is investigating its own reported allegations along with a Multi-County Grand Jury which meets again in June.