Police Search For Burglary Suspect After Custom AK-47, Ammo Stolen From SW OKC Home

Tuesday, October 29th 2019, 5:49 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Oklahoma City police are looking for a heavily armed burglar who targeted a SW OKC home. Police know he’s heavily armed, because he got away with a custom AK-47 and a lot of ammunition. 

The homeowner said the burglar seemed to know exactly when the home was empty and where to go to get guns and jewelry.

Security video captured just a few seconds of the thief, but the video show the suspect has long dreadlocks.

Security video captures wanted burglary suspect in SW OKC.

Homeowner Jack Robbins said he had just gone to work when the burglar broke in.

“This is the window they broke. Busted out. We’re getting a new door today, but just broke in here, reached up unlatched it. Of course, there was glass everywhere,’ said Robbins.

Robbins said he came home minutes after the thief broke in, and he may have scared the burglar off.

“Walked through the front door, unlocked it like normal. Immediately, that closet door was open, and I saw that little thing right there laying on the ground,” said Robbins.

“They trashed all the dresser, pulled all the clothes out of the stands. Took some jewelry. They only hit two rooms but thy got the most important stuff,” continued Robbins.

Among that stuff was a custom AK-47, several magazines and ammo.

Robbins said the thief knew exactly where the guns were hidden in a closet, and knew which drawers jewelry was hidden in.

“They didn’t mess with anything else in the house. I mean, living room, no TV’s, no electronics, they went straight to the back rooms, knew exactly where everything was. They knew the two rooms to look at,” said Robbins.

Police said hiding guns isn’t enough; they should be locked up.

“A good gun safe makes it much more difficult for a thief to get away with your gun. It doesn’t make it impossible, but it certainly makes it much more difficult,” said MSgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Robbins said he plans to buy a gun safe, to get a better door and more security cameras. He’s out about$7,000. But more important, he wants his gun found.

“I don’t want it running around Oklahoma City, don’t want anybody getting shot up with my gun,” he said.