New Edmond Restaurant Development Set To Open By The End Of The Year

Monday, November 11th 2019, 6:13 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A new development in downtown Edmond is now on track to being completely open by the end of the year.

Some eateries are already serving customers, others will be in the next couple of weeks.

The project is called the Edmond Railyard in downtown Edmond, and the concept has several different restaurants under one roof.

Hott Wings is already warming up customers on one end of the line. Cities Ice Cream began treating patrons on the other on Friday.  In between, a pizza joint, burger place, and a handful of other eateries that will be opening in the coming weeks.

“We joke and say we really just wanted something like this for ourselves,” said Casey Massegee, one of the Railyard’s owners. “We tried everyone’s fare before we allowed them to come in here. But we live in Edmond. We have family, we have kids, we know lots of people like that. But we get tired of driving downtown.”

Massegee said the idea of several small restaurants where customers could eat inside or in a shared indoor boardwalk came out of necessity.  They wanted to do something with Edmond's historic lumberyard and this concept fit the building.  Massegee and his co-investors spent about $6 million renovating the 20,500 square foot 100-year-old building.

“The fact that they took something that was historic in our downtown and created this vital new store is very exciting,” said Janet Yowell the Executive Director of the Edmond Economic Development Authority.

Yowell said it’s exciting too for Edmond who has focused on keeping their downtown vibrant.

“It looks so cool down there with all the lights, they put a mural up it’s so much fun right now.  You won’t be able to experience all of it but when the weather gets great it’s going to be packed.”

Construction on another development nearby called the Rail Spur should begin after the first of the year and a new brewery is scheduled to open in the spring.