8 Accused Norman Gang Members Locked Up After Alleged Statewide Crime Spree

Thursday, April 25th 2019, 10:47 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Eight members of the "Money Murder Gang" have been arrested and charged with racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO), Norman police reported.

Police have identified them as: 21-year-old Marcus Larod Jackson; 21-year-old Dijon Fasha Pickett; 21-year-old Juwan Square; 18-year-old Quinlan Hardiman; 19-year-old Dayven Devon Taylor, 18-year-old Lawrence Lay Jr.; 19-year-old Jacob Cochran; and a juvenile nickednamed “Tiny.”

A 71-page criminal affidavit outlined the offenses, and stated that members recruited children because “…senior gang members recognize that the legal consequences are less for juveniles.”

Police said they have been investigating the members since June 2018.

Here is a timeline of the gang’s alleged crimes across the state from 2018:

  • June 23: Robbery With Stolen Vehicle in Moore
  • June 24: Robbery With Stolen Vehicle in Lawton
  • July 6: Possession of Keys to Stolen Vehicle in Lawton
  • July 18: Drive-By Shooting in Norman
  • July 21: Stolen Car and Possession of Marijuana in Kiowa County
  • August 6: Police Pursuit
  • October 12: Stealing Two Vehicles in Noble
  • October 14: Drive-By Shooting in Norman
  • October 16: Attempted Armed Robbery and Shooting in Norman
  • October 20: Drive-By Shooting in Norman
  • October 31: Stolen Vehicle in Police Pursuit in Norman
  • November 11: Armed Robbery of Illegal Narcotics
  • November 13: Possession of Firearm by Felon
  • December 4: Member Admits Gang Affiliation, Identifies Leaders, Places Members at Crime Scenes
  • December 31: Possession of Marijuana and Cocaine

“It's a very powerful charge. It's a charge that's targeting individuals that come together to further their criminal effort,” said Cleveland County First Assistant District Attorney Travis White.

The group is thought to have originated out of Norman.

Investigators said many of the suspects grew up together.

Some allegedly made stronger relationships while they were locked up together in jail, according to the affidavit.

Police report that many of the men who were arrested had ties to other gangs before joining the Murder Money Gang (M.M.G.). 

“So, the individuals came together, and they began to collaborate, affiliate through this group or enterprise known as the Murder Money Gang,” said White.

Police think the gang's leader is Jackson, who went under the alias “Ace Ru” and worked at Chicken Express.

In recorded jail conversations, investigators said Jackson was trying to come up with an alibi for the shooting on Oct. 19.

According to records, Jackson told a friend he was on his way to work when the shots were fired.

Police said they were able to go and collect his timecard from his boss, which appeared to reflect Jackson was lying about his whereabouts.

Prosecutors said various pieces of physical evidence tie the case together.

OSBI agents worked with Norman police and were able to match shell casings from multiple scenes supposedly tied to the M.M.G

They said the bullets came from the same guns.

Investigators had fingerprint evidence which was left behind at the crime scenes, according to court documents.

“That would be what I consider scientific evidence that we are hopeful for in any case,” said White.

M.M.G suspects reportedly told police that they initiated new gang members by beating them up at the Sunrise Park in Norman.

Juveniles appear to post their allegiance to the gang online through various social media postings.

Investigators said since arresting the eight accused gang members, Norman has already seen a sign drop in crime.

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