Pottawatomie County Auctions Off Classic Mustangs

Sunday, January 26th 2020, 9:04 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Pottawatomie County is getting into the classic car business and stands to make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling some vintage mustangs in pristine condition. 

It’s one of the nicest collections of classic mustangs you’ll ever see worth well over $200,000. And they’ve got a pretty interesting back story.

Several classic Mustangs are being auctioned by Pottawatomie County February 8.  The mustangs belonged to attorney Kermit Milburn, who was accused back in 2016 of cloning classic Mustang Shelby’s and trying to sell them as the real thing.


“Kermit Milburn was caught trying to sell one of these replica cars as an original at an auction,” said Pottawatomie County DA Allan Grubb. “It’s a serious crime because it involves lots of money.”

In this case, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Milburn committed suicide at a gun range in Oklahoma City in 2016.  The mustangs have been in storage since. They’re part of his private collection and they’re believed to be authentic Shelby’s and Bosses.

“We believe that they are mostly original cars. We had to get new titles issued because of what they are and what the providence came from the history. They’re amazing machines,” Grubb said.

The mustangs are expected to fetch top dollar. The statute says a third of it goes to the jailing facility for the county in which it was seized. A third goes to the seizing agency. And a third of it goes to the district attorney’s office,” Grubb said. “These will make somebody really nice show cars.”

If you’re interested in bidding on one of these cars you can log on to: proxibid.com