Utah Attorney Wants Federal Government To Release OKC Bombing Surveillance Video

Saturday, July 12th 2014, 11:29 pm
By: News 9

Nearly 20 years after the Oklahoma City bombing, a new federal trial is taking place to determine if surveillance video taken from around the Murrah building from that day will be revealed.

For years, Utah attorney, Jesse Trentadue, has been fighting for information about his brother's suspicious death.

He hopes this lawsuit will get to the bottom of what really happened that tragic day.

If there is never-before-seen surveillance video of the Oklahoma City bombing, Jesse Trentadue is working to get it.

In his latest lawsuit, Trentadue is requesting copies of the videotapes from more than 20 surveillance cameras surrounding the Murrah Federal Building, before the truck bomb went off that killed 168 people.

In an email, Trentadue sent News9 several documents, that he said he plans to use in federal court. It revealed an attorney representing an FBI agent, offered to sell a copy of the bombing surveillance footage for over $1 million dollars to an NBC Dateline producer.

Trentadue didn't want to speak before the trial, but News9 talked to local attorney David Slane to get his take.

"Here we are almost 20 years later after the Murrah bombing and we still haven't turned these over, and I think this is what leads to the conspiracy theories, I think that if the government has the tapes, and a judge says turn them over, I think that it might answer things once and for all," Slane said.

After Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were named suspects in the bombing, Trentadue's brother Kenneth met the description of a third possible accomplice.

He was found hanged inside an OKC federal detention center in 1995. Trentadue's family believes he was murdered because he was mistakenly identified as a co-conspirator.

"It may bring in some new light, but it's most likely going to raise more and more questions if we get the tapes,” Slane said. “I think people need some closure to all this and not let it become the next John Kennedy assassination of trying to find a second shooter, Oklahomans deserve to know the answers.”

The FBI has previously stated there are no records of unreleased security recordings.

The trial is set to begin on July 28 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah in Salt Lake City