OKCPS, Colleges Respond To ACT Test Changes

Thursday, October 17th 2019, 7:00 am

The ACT college entrance exam is changing next fall, aiming to bring faster results and new ways for students to take the test. 

There are three main differences students will see in September of 2020. 

There will be a new option to take an online or paper version of the test, it has to be on a national test day at an ACT test center.  

This online option will, at first, only be available at select locations. But this version of the test could drastically speed up the time it takes from students to get their results from two weeks to as little as two days. 

Students will also be able to retake just specific sections of the test for the first time, those include English, math, reading, science and writing. The ACT will also offer a "superscore" for students who take the test more than once. The new score aims to give colleges the option to use the student's best scores instead of scores from just one sitting. 

News 9 sat down with the Assistant Supt. of Academics for Oklahoma City Public Schools, Tracy Skinner, to hear her thoughts on this could change the test taking process for OKC students. 

Skinner said she doesn't think how the district prepares students will really change, but she does think the new ACT will benefit local students. 

"It excited us for our students to have the opportunity to take just sections of the ACT," said Skinner. "And be really able to hone in on the areas that they struggle with and spend the time, instead of spending time worrying about the entirety of the test, just worrying and preparing for that one section."

Skinner told News 9 now they are just waiting to see if anything changes in the college application and admissions process. 

"The one thing we are waiting on is how the universities will be accepting act scores with this new change," said Skinner. "It will be interesting to see if the subscore will be part of what they will accept."

New 9 reached out to Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma to ask if how they accept test scores will be changing. 

OSU has not responded, but the Director of Media Relations for OU, Kesha Keith, sent this statement. 

"The focus of the University of Oklahoma will always be geared towards students. OU was recently informed of the changes to the ACT and are awaiting further details. OU utilizes a comprehensive freshman admission process that involves several factors; not just standardized exams. The University will monitor the changes and carefully consider each element of the decision."

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