OKLAHOMA CITY - A suspect in a violent home invasion is off the streets, but police said another one remains at large. 

Officers arrested Estevon Martin, 21, Thursday morning. He was wanted in connection with a rape and shooting from Monday morning.

Police said the victims do not know the suspect and detectives are investigating the motive behind the home invasion.

The brutal crime has residents in the northwest Oklahoma City apartment where it happened taking extra safety precautions.

“It’s scary to hear,” said D.J. Sanders, resident. “Especially because they could have went into anybody’s apartment.”

Sanders rarely leaves her apartment without her trusty sidekick Sheba.

"She’s definitely our guard dog,” said Sanders. “She won’t let anybody get within two feet without barking.”

Sanders will keep her companion even closer after a home invasion in her apartment complex that left a man shot multiple times and his wife sexually assaulted.

The female victim told police the two accused suspects forced their way into her apartment early Monday morning.

The suspect with the long hair allegedly pistol whipped the woman and forced her into a bathroom where he raped her. The second suspect, now identified as Martin, beat the woman's husband and then shot him four times. The woman was able to drive her husband to the hospital.

“This was about as violent a crime as it gets,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Because you’ve got two people going into a residence where there’s a male and a female. A female sexually assaulted and a male shot multiple times and basically left for dead.”

It did not take investigators long to find one of the suspects. Martin was located at his mother's southwest Oklahoma City home. Air One and police K-9s tracked the suspect down after he ran from police.

Apartment residents hope the second suspect is captured soon.

“I hope they catch him,” said Sanders. “One, he did it to the wrong people. So those people deserve justice.”

Police do consider the second outstanding suspect armed and dangerous.