OU Health Sciences Center Begins Enrollment For Long COVID Study

Wednesday, May 11th 2022, 7:03 am


Researchers at OU's Health Sciences Center are now beginning enrollment in a national study of long COVID, and how it affects younger people.

The study will focus on people between the ages of newborn to 25, and those involved in the study will be followed by researchers for four years.

It's all part of a national study called the RECOVER Initiative.

It seeks to find out why many young people develop prolonged symptoms of COVID also known as long COVID.

Long COVID in young people includes lasting symptoms of fatigue, chronic cough, memory issues, neurological problems and skin issues.

The condition can also cause lasting organs problems due to inflammation.

Dr. Ryan Brown from OU Children's Hospital emphasizes that children are not the same as adults.

"This work will help us better tailor therapies and treatments toward children,” Dr. Brown said.

Young people up to the age of 25 can still enroll in the study if they have been sick with COVID in the past 29 days.

The study will require blood draws, saliva testing and surveys.

Those involved in the study will also be reimbursed for their time.

For more information on how to sign up, call (405) 271-2429 or email RECOVEROKPeds@ouhsc.edu.