Vehicle repossession on the rise

Saturday, October 25th 2008, 12:19 am
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Tough economic times are tightening budgets for Oklahomans, but many are also losing their assets, like their cars, because they can't afford to pay their bills.

"It's like we're out there to get them and they have a bad attitude about them, but you feel sorry for them and you wish you can do something about it, but you can't," Curtis Compton said.

Compton owns Aggressive Recovery, a repossession business looking for cars folks failed to pay for. His crew of repo-men is recovering about 400 vehicles a month, which is double from a year ago.

Every recovery is a driving force behind their business, but also a sign of a struggling economy that shows how many can't afford to pay their car loans.

"You can't help but feel sympathy and or empathy for a lot of people," Compton said.

Repo-man Jesse Grieb is spending most of his time on the road in and around the metro, hooking and towing vehicles of Oklahoma drivers who don't pay up.

Even after a few years on the job, it's still a constant challenge.

"They didn't give us too bad of a hard time, but we're able to get there, get it hooked before things got crazy," Grieb said.

It's a tough task that Grieb said affects everyone in all walks of life.

"Every day, it's surgeons, doctors, big companies, lease vehicles, not just the guys on the south side but guys on the north side too," Grieb said.