Moore Liquor Store Owner Uses Facebook To Track Down Shoplifters

Friday, October 18th 2013, 9:44 pm
By: News 9

Shoplifters are picking the wrong business in Moore to hit up. The owner has successfully tracked down at least four different thieves and now he's at it again after the latest accused shoplifter got away.

The business owner feels like the police have more serious crimes to worry about, so he depends on his Facebook followers and surveillance cameras to help him track down shoplifters.

The owner of Party Moore and Moore Liquor has identified every thief who stole from him thanks to his camera network, and his social one.

"We have yet to not catch somebody who has shoplifted," owner Bryan Kerr said.

When someone shoplifts, Bryan Kerr shares the surveillance video on Facebook, adds funny captions and his followers help identify the suspect.

Kerr gives that person a chance to come back to pay for the items and apologize before he goes to the police.

"One guy, we literally posted it and 14 minutes later he was identified," Kerr added.

A woman stole more than $50 worth of candles and other items. It took his social sleuths about ten days, but Kerr now knows her name and where she lives.

His popular outdoor marquee with witty sayings lets people know the case is closed. Store regular Mickey Elliott said she always pays attention to Kerr's Facebook posts.

"For someone to come in and steal from your neighbor, basically, it's just not fair," Elliott explained. "I don't have any qualms with them putting her up there. I thought it was hilarious and I thought she was due to get caught."

The female shoplifter never took Kerr up on his offer to make things right, so he said he plans to press charges.

"We encourage anyone who wants to shoplift to come on in and see if they can get away with it," Kerr said.

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