Scammers Target Thunder Fans Looking To Score Playoff Tickets

Friday, May 2nd 2014, 10:29 pm
By: News 9

The Thunder's playoff run once again has ticket scammers very busy this season. 

A metro man sends a warning after purchasing a pricey set of fake Thunder tickets on Craigslist. But he didn't find out till hours later, it was scam.

It's happening a lot more than we think. Ticket scammers are finding interesting ways to get Thunder fans to give up their money first, before a single ticket is in hand. 

"I just felt totally comfortable with her," said Aaron Palacios.

For Aaron Palacios, this wasn't his first Thunder ticket purchase from a secondhand seller.

"We go to a couple of games a year and never have we had any issues with it," said Palacios.

It was a game day. The Thunder were playing the Memphis Grizzlies Tuesday night at the arena, and Aaron and his girlfriend were planning to go. He didn't think twice before logging onto Craigslist to see what quick deal he could get for the big game.

"She told me the seat number. She told me where the closest concession stand was," said Palacios.

But the scammer who told Aaron her name was "Marcy" from Chandler wanted $400 up front and she wanted to do everything online. To get the money to "Marcy," Aaron was asked to purchase a reloadable money card.

"And as soon as she got the money, she said it would take about 10 minutes just for the money to go through, and then I'm going to send you guys the tickets," said Palacios.

That never happened.

"And unfortunately, that reflects on us, and we don't want people to have that experience who are our fans who want to get into the game," said Thunder Spokesperson, Karina Henderson.

Henderson says this is the time when people start taking advantage of fans.

"If you go to, we've always got links to our resale site, and so those are guaranteed tickets sold by other fans," said Henderson.

Palacios says he'll never give money up front again.

"Never. Never. I don't advise anyone doing that," said Palacios.

Henderson says some ticket websites like StubHub offer money back guarantees, but besides the NBA, they don't promise a seat inside the arena.