Family Of Moore Man Found Dead In Driveway Wants Answers

Thursday, September 18th 2014, 11:36 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma family believes their loved one was murdered, but the case is at a standstill. It's been two and half years since Billy Cooksey died. His father says Cooksey was murdered and believes he knows who did it, but trying to prove it has cost him about $70,000.

"We don't know where to go from here,” Buddy Cooksey said.

So far, Cooksey has hired an attorney, two pathologists and a private investigator to look into the case. The medical examiner's office initially listed his son's cause of death as "unknown," but after two years of fighting that ruling and threatening a lawsuit, a supplemental report was added stating "this case is suspicious for homicide." It also states the manner of death is appropriate unless future evidence comes to light.

The report states Billy Cooksey had injuries to his head and face, but those injuries are consistent with a fall. Billy was found nude in his driveway. His body was hidden behind furniture.

Buddy Cooksey said his son was going through a divorce but wouldn't sign the divorce papers.

On the night of his death, his wife's son made this 911 call:

Dispatch: "Moore Police and Fire."

Caller: "My mother lives in Moore. and her husband is...he's drunk and dragged stuff around and apparently throwing her stuff out in the driveway."

Dispatch - "If they live together, he can do what he wants with their property."

Before this incident and on a different day, Billy called 911 for help.

Dispatch: "911."

Billy Cooksey: "Yeah, I need an officer to come out here."

Billy Cooksey: "I've got my wife f****** slapped the s*** out of me. I'm f****** bleeding."

News 9 contacted the Moore Police Department about the case, and they said "the case is still open" but there isn't much they can do "because it wasn't ruled a homicide."

“We'd just like to find someone that would take up our case and prove that Moore is not investigating and help us investigate this and prove that this is a homicide,” Buddy Cooksey said.

The two outside pathologists the family hired both believe Billy Cooksey died from a head injury. However, the Moore Police Department said they have no leads, no suspects and have done everything they can up to this point in the case.