Woman and Nephew Get Stuck In Quicksand Near Lake Hefner

Wednesday, April 8th 2015, 11:23 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond woman and her nephew got quite a scare at Lake Hefner Tuesday.

Instead of taking the trail around the lake, Kimberly Golbuff and her nephew decided to take a shortcut back the car.

They made their own path through the dried up lake bed or through an area they thought was dry.

“I started to walk around and I realized my one foot started to sink. So I tried to get my other foot up and I tried to get my other foot up and out and my other foot sunk. Then I couldn't get out,” said Golbuff.

Her nephew Brandon, as well as her dog, began quickly sinking in the quicksand like mud.

As panic set in she called 911 for help.

Kimberly said about couple nearby tried to help them, but got stuck too so they had to turn back.

Kimberly and her nephew managed to escape by crawling their way out.

When Brandon returns to Chicago from his spring break, he'll have quite the story to tell.

“Now we laugh a little bit, we laugh a little bit because it's funny now. But, it wasn't it at the time, “said Golbuff.

She hopes the city will post warnings around the lake to prevent anyone else from falling victim.