Minnesota Dad Builds Real Igloo for Daughter

Monday, January 19th 2009, 4:23 pm
By: News 9

Mike Lundgren is building an igloo.  Mike Lundgren says, "Getting in isn't as easy as being in it, you have to get down, you get somewhat snowy."
Every year the snow makes an enormous drift behind his house, so this year Mike decided to put that drift to use and make a place for his daughter to play.
Mike says, "My daughter was outside playing one day and I saw the kids next door building a fort and I used to do that as a kid, and this is something that  I've never done before."
Lucky for him he's getting some help from an expert.

Mike says, " I'm getting help from an Eskimo online.  He's been giving me step  by step information and he said if I did this right, it should be able to withstand hurricane force winds."

After 8 hours of work, and with the help of the candles... glazing the walls to make the Igloo stronger ... He's not likely to need it to hold off a hurricane, but there's no doubt Mike will want it to keep his daughter warm in the below zero temps.  Mike says, " They say that when you close it off completely and pack all the cracks that you can get it to stay a good 40 -50 degrees with candles and your body heat."
Not quite warm enough to make it an igloo hotel but the offer is out there none the less.  Mike says, "If anyone wants to come out and rent it for the night , it's 10 bucks a night."