US Open opens with Tiger in the Woods with heavy rains

Thursday, June 18th 2009, 9:22 am
By: News 9

US Open notes as Day 1 is underway...

-Not a fun start at Bethpage Black for the 156 hopefuls. Round one begins with steady and heavy rains. Bad news is it's certain to rain throughout the day with wins averaging around 17-20 mph. Surprisingly, with eleven rain days in the NY metropolitan area so far in June-average is seven rain days-the USGA is talking "suspending play if it doesn't let up." -Rain supposed to get worse as the day goes on.

-Fittingly, Padrig Harrington's caddie is nicknamed "Flood.

-Tiger goes "way left" using a driver on the first hole. So far left that he reaches for a provisional, but caddie Stevie (how many Thirty Somethings go by the name of Stevie?) says it's in-bounds so down the fairway he strolls before putting on the left blinker and heading into the cabbage.

-Wet conditions will force players to hit one or two more clubs which will not help Woods stay out of the woods. 3-woods off most tees was the plan and the driver is much more wayward-prone, even though this is the first fairway he's missed since last Saturday at his win at Jack's Place.

-Tiger out of woods with a sandy--and up and down with 71 holes remaining.

-First hole woes. Tiger escapes with a par, something that should make him do back flips as he strolls to No. 2. Remember his ridiculous start when he won last year at Torrey Pines? Tiger went -ready for this great trivia question? Double, double, bogey, and double bogey. Has to be a record as I can't fathom someone winning a major starting that despicably.

More reports throughout the day.