My 2 Cents: America's Going Soft

Tuesday, December 28th 2010, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

I've been saying it awhile, and now a governor agrees with me, although he put it in more colorful terms.

I think America's going soft but Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell pointed to the Tuesday night NFL game and said we're becoming a nation of wusses.

Sunday Night's game between the Vikings and Eagles was postponed because of the forecasted blizzard.

Governor Rendell, an Eagles fan, went off about it.

He called a sports radio show and told them Vince Lombardi must be spinning in his grave because you don't cancel a football game because of the weather for crying out loud.

And he didn't stop there. The Pennsylvania Democrat said the Chinese are whipping our butts in everything, and he asked ‘Do you think they would have called off the game?' He answered his own question saying they would have marched to the stadium and they would have been doing calculus along the way.

I've felt the same way as I read stories about tag and dodgeball being banned from school playgrounds for being too dangerous, no winners or losers in little league sports, getting rid of MVP awards to protect other kids' feelings.

And now the NFL can't play in a snowstorm. The roads were open, the trains and buses were running and I guarantee Philly fans were ready...say it ain't so.

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