Your 2 Cents: OKC School Cracking Down On Tardy Students

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013, 11:06 pm
By: News 9

I support the crackdown on Jefferson Middle School students who are repeatedly late to class because they're hanging out in the halls.

Nearly 100 were suspended, four arrested for trespassing after they came back to school without their parents as ordered.

Here's your 2 Cents. Anisa first: "Arrest? Maybe a bit much. However, expulsion until the parents show up to speak with school officials is perfectly fine."

Rick writes: "Be strict and they will soon learn that the school is not playing around and they mean business."

From Gary: "The problem is crybaby parents!"

But Gary writes: "When you have to involve the police department to lead your school you have lost control."

And Page adds: "Arresting minors under these circumstances is too harsh & sends the wrong message."

But most of your e-mails were like Rita's: "Kudos to the principal for trying to establish discipline. The kids who were arrested were warned."

Shawna says: "I understand being at your wits end and looking for an alternative but I think there at least should have been a warning prior to this happening."

Finally, Zena says: "Be tough and hopefully they will be on time in the work world!"