Consumer Watch: When To Never Pay Full Price

Friday, May 3rd 2013, 11:05 pm
By: News 9

We all like to save money, but what if I told you there are several items we regularly pay full price for that we shouldn't. Here are some bargain busters that don't require any clipping.

* Home Improvements

Home improvement stores often price match, but a rarely talked about saving secret could shave hundreds off our next remodel or landscaping project. Home Depot employees and managers are allowed to take between $50 and $1000 off our tab, depending on what we're purchasing.

We may just have to ask for it and it's almost like a negotiation.

* Doctor's Visits

The cost of doctor and dentist visits can be enough to make us sick. If we're willing to pay out of pocket instead of filing a claim, some offices may take 10-50% off the bill.

* Eyeglasses

Shopping for glasses just got easier and cheaper. Websites like offer eye popping discounts on specks. We'll also find deals on contact lenses from1.800 .contacts.

* Beer

Forget hitting every store in town to find the best deals on a 12 pack. has done the legwork for us. Just put in an address and the site will show the beer bargains in our neighborhoods.

More Things To Never Pay Full Price:

* Health& Beauty Products - Between coupons printed from the register at drugstores and online and ad coupons, we can save on all our personal care items.

* Groceries - Store specials,rebates and coupons make it easy to slash our grocery bills.

* Restaurants - There are so many websites out there offering deals like $25 in food for $10, there's no reason to pay full price at a restaurant again

* Clothes & Shoes - Online deals and discounts are everywhere so take advantage.

* Books & Music - Shop used at or Even better, borrow from the library for free!

* Cell Phones - Before getting inline for the next new phone, check with your provider to see when you're eligible for an upgrade that's typically not full price.

* Insurance - Bundle car and home policies for a discount and don't be afraid to haggle a cheaper price on those premiums.

* Vacations - Websites like and Priceline allow us to search for bargain basement getaways.