Badly Damaged In May 20 Tornado, Moore Walgreens Re-Opens For Business

Friday, July 19th 2013, 5:00 pm

Folks in Moore say it's a major milestone in the rebuilding efforts; the Walgreens at 19th and Santa Fe that was heavily damaged in the May 20 tornado opened back up Friday.

As the tornado headed toward the store Manager Melissa Warde moved all her employees to the bathroom. When the storms' intensity became apparent they would leave the store unlocked and flee to safety. When they came back they found the storm heavily damaged.

But just two months later they are back open for business.

"It's a miracle to think about the damage this building sustained and to think they're back and running in two months is incredible," said City of Moore Director of Marketing and Economic Development, Deidre Ebrey.

Ebrey says about 45 businesses in Moore were put out of business by the storm. Some have moved and opened back up in other locations. Others like the owner of a strip mall next to the Walgreens say they will rebuild.

"So many are just committed to building back and not just coming back as they were but bigger and better," said Ebrey.

Ebrey says bringing businesses back not only helps the community emotionally, but also financially. Moore is heavily dependent on sales tax revenue.