Surveillance Footage Captures Moore Tornado

Thursday, August 8th 2013, 6:08 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

News 9 has received video showing a rare and haunting look at the Moore tornado. 

Just recovered surveillance video reveals the violent storm from several different angles. The cameras were mounted on the side of the Southgate Baptist Church, which sits right on 4th St. A camera facing south recorded the tornado as moves in.

As the storm moved closer to the church, five cameras mounted around the church's family life center record the violence. In all cases the wind seems to be moving to east indicating the heart of the tornado is just to the side. The church narrowly escaped a direct hit.

"God has his hand over it," said Jackie Martin, a longtime member of the church. 

Martin spent two months trying to recover the video. The cameras had a battery backup, so they continued recording after electricity had been knocked out, but the DVR that held the video wouldn't play. 

"I thought several times we lost it and I figured it was going to be spectacular," said Martin.

Finally, technicians were able to recover what is one of the few surveillance videos of storm as it moves through and as the camera that's facing the north reveals: moves on toward the 7-11 and the Moore Medical Center.

The church's main building and sanctuary was damaged in the tornado but the buildings withstood the storm.