Your 2 Cents: Tulsa Brady Street Name

Monday, August 19th 2013, 11:40 pm
By: News 9

The Tulsa City Council settled the racially charged Brady Street controversy by keeping the name "Brady," but honoring a different historic figure named Brady rather than one supposedly tied to the KKK. I think it's a silly solution. Here's what you had to say:

Paula writes: "..that whole mess just really makes them look stupid. what a waste of time and money."

But Phyl says: "Hats off to the creative way to keep the alphabetical names and to honor an "artist" in the ART DISTRICT. "

From Elizabeth: "I don't understand the complete waste of time and money in the end."

Chris says: "Anytime a person or small group of people are offended.. our elected officials change history.

Time to vote out the spineless snakes."

And Donna thinks: "They should have said the name was the same, but after THE BRADY BUNCH!!!"

Gary asks: "What is the next step, dishonor Washington and Jefferson because they owned slaves?"

John writes: "..this is a sad day for Oklahoma, a sad day for America but business as usual for Tulsa. Shame on you!"

From Shelly: "Tulsa has a history of strife in equality in the African American community and their treatment.....but this guy Brady as bad as he was should not be forgotten for many reasons."

Finally Joe from Tulsa says: "Great now we are the laughing stock of OKC!! Way to go Tulsa City Fathers!!!"